Monday, January 3, 2011

Into the Mystic

Warm cinnamon oatmeal with bananas and cream started off our first morning back to school. Bundled up, we rode off into the "mistic/mystic". The fog was so cold and the condensation dripped heavily from the bare orchard branches. The morning clouds looked like snow covered cities lit by a chilly sun. Oliver rode ahead disappearing in and out of fog covered paths. Bulbs have begun to bloom releasing their strong perfumes. It's winter and yet spring feels not so far away when you catch these tropical fragrances. The new year has begun and all the possibilities are endless. It will be an amazing year. Happy New Year! I also want to add that I've noticed that there are people in several different countries who view this blog on a regular basis. This has sparked my curiosity! I would love to know each of your stories so please introduce yourselves under the comments. I love that we can make the world feel so small by connecting with our commonalities!

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