Tuesday, January 11, 2011


It doesn't seem to matter how many layers I put on, my toes still feel like they want to crack off! Michael's car was left at David and Maya's house last night, after another football game, and he took the other one this morning leaving us to ride bikes. I have to remind myself that the ultimate goal was to have one car anyways but it's hard to remember when you spend most of the ride holding your breath and being in, what feels like, the fetal position. I couldn't wait to get to the co-op and get my hot coffee. My friend Jill, a wonderful friend and poet, met up with me and we had such great conversation. Just love her. I like what another friend said yesterday....."it's not just a store, it's a community center". So true, I see so many people there and it's nice to touch in with each of them. One of the questions given today by Cafe Gratitude was "What do you love about your life"? Once again my answer is MY COMMUNITY!

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