Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Pictures in the Shire

Where the faerie stream flows

"fishing"from the bridge

The children's favorite play spot

A bouquet of radish


Beautiful fava flowers
There is something so satisfying about biking your groceries home. I pushed it to the limit today filling up my small basket with heavy items like bottled milk, yogurt and a whole chicken. My beautiful loaf of barbari sesame bread stuck out too far and had to be folded so not to send me off balance. I wrapped my purse around my handle bars and carefully made my way across town loaded down with earmuffs, gloves and a thick fleece jacket. Molly enjoyed pedalling through the thin layers of ice that covered each little puddle. By the time I got back to the Shire I was shedding my layers and taking in the sun. Everything is now thawed, including my toes and fingers. I'm now resting on my couch enjoying a buttery fried egg with a chunk of my bread. Perfect.

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