Monday, January 30, 2012

Showing Up

It's so funny to discover that the path you've been searching for is right under your nose! After joining the Moon Storm Sessions with Maya Corinne, I realized very quickly that the path that stretches out in front of me is a path I have already walked. Raising my son was painful, scary, lonely, frustrating, strengthening, eye opening, loving, inspiring and AMAZING! I have so much to share from the experience. So, now I'm "showing up" fully, authentically me to help support mothers questioning the opinions of "professionals" and who are looking to take on their role as mother to the fullest. There are no mistakes, nothing is set in stone and we can ALWAYS change direction. We are in charge and we must get all the information, set it and all others opinions aside, listen to the intuition we were born with to choose the first step in a journey that is filled with flexibility and joy. Here's my new Youtube channel to check out the video I did about raising my son and what is now my life's work. My Story as a Mother If you are a mom or a parent, please watch this video and share with as many other parents as you can.