Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Don't Pick the Cactus Fruit!

This morning, we attempted a bike ride to school. The air was crisp, the ground wet from the rain, everything smelled so good. We got about 2 blocks away when Molly informed me the she had "pokey" things in her bum. "Ok", I said. Let's go home and change your pants. After changing, we started out again only for the pain to return, this time in her back. I look for little splinters but see nothing. While I'm looking she falls off her bike into the mud on her knees and hands. This is getting fun. We all walk the bikes back home, the violin dangling from the basket I attempted to strap it to. It is then that Oliver informs me that after picking cactus fruit the other day, yes cactus fruit, he threw the gloves into the wash with all of Molly's pink clothes. Molly only wears pink so finding out which ones were affected will be trial and error. Today's clothes ruled out we have now learned valuable lessons. First, don't pick cactus fruit and second don't pick cactus fruit. Who would have thought to add THIS to the list of warnings we give our children. Good grief!