Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Back to Life

The Shire has come back to life and so have I. The sun shines down on our garden of Eden, flowers stretching to feel it's rays, bringing the feeling of hope and potential you get in the Spring when the earth feels new. My eyes water while they try to capture all the brilliant hues, so neon are the colors, it's too much for these senses that have been dulled by many a rainy day. The peach, plum and cherry blossoms give the impression of being in some distant mythical land and we float instead of walking. The first greening of the grapevines have begun and will soon shade our house from the unforgiving sun of summer. For now I will enjoy this blissful dreamy world. Welcome back to life.

Friday, March 4, 2011


Watching my friends two young boys this morning, I was brought right back to those simple moments that make up a day. Gently touching the wings of a cabbage moth on the fava beans, covering the tips of tiny fingers with "magic dust" and tasting the yellow flowers on the bok choy that has simple, precious......patient. I slowed down and knelt at their level. The view is different from there. Everything is wondrous. I pushed them on the swings and tickled their little tummies. The neighborhood cat raced beside us on the path, darting in and out of trees and daffodils, occasionally laying in a sunny patch to be scratched. It is hard when your children are young but yet so simply magical. I'm so glad I took that time when my children were babies and so grateful to relive it with my dear friends little ones.

Thursday, March 3, 2011


Quite the full day, starting off with taking my neighbors children (mine also) to school. Poor thing is so sick, so I had to use her van to get them all loaded and off for the day. I packed my kids lunches and biked them over to the school, came home and did yoga, cleaned up for cooking class, did cooking class and cooked dinner. I'm exhausted! The kids little "floating islands" were fun and they even decorated their plates with little flowers and mint from the garden. Now I'm laying on the couch waiting to hear Oliver practice his violin......a lot.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Soul Cleansing

I decided to ride my bike to bring the kids their lunches. A soft, steady mist is falling so I put on my raincoat and tied the hood to keep somewhat dry. On the way back, the wind picked up and the water beaded and dripped from my face. Cool, invigorating.....soul cleansing, the rain seems to know and it removes what doesn't belong. All the self-doubt, fear....pain, washes away. It brings me back to center and reminds me to keep a balance. Not too much in my thoughts, not too much in my actions. Breathe

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sweet Success

Last week, my cooking class was full for the first time and it was so fun! The kids really are into the whole process. I've decided for the kids to have a bake sale once a month to help contribute to the cost of their classes. Talk about staying local and supporting community! The children pay me, I shop at the co-op (or pick from the garden), I teach them a class, they sell to our neighborhood and the neighborhood supports them! I just love it! This week we're making "floating islands" since they are so interested in baking. Playing with egg whites is so fun, watching them grow as they're beaten and sweetened. I am getting such joy out of this experience and am so amazed by the response. Here's to doing what speaks to you!