Friday, March 4, 2011


Watching my friends two young boys this morning, I was brought right back to those simple moments that make up a day. Gently touching the wings of a cabbage moth on the fava beans, covering the tips of tiny fingers with "magic dust" and tasting the yellow flowers on the bok choy that has simple, precious......patient. I slowed down and knelt at their level. The view is different from there. Everything is wondrous. I pushed them on the swings and tickled their little tummies. The neighborhood cat raced beside us on the path, darting in and out of trees and daffodils, occasionally laying in a sunny patch to be scratched. It is hard when your children are young but yet so simply magical. I'm so glad I took that time when my children were babies and so grateful to relive it with my dear friends little ones.

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