Saturday, March 10, 2012


I love this magazine. I picked up one in the office at school the other day and it just happened to have some articles about homeschooling to the child's interests. Perfect! "There are many ways to educate a child." "Trying to determine the best way to educate our children in these times is a task we all share, and the health of society is paramount." We plan to rejoin the Davis Waldorf School, but it's so enriching to read these articles, feel the support that's out there. We aren't the only ones who want to take a step back and find what makes our children shine. There's an article about homeschooling teens "coming to selfhood through work and interests." Again, perfect! "The teen who knows his or her interests provide fulfillment is already aware that self-worth doesn't come from popularity or possessions." We are entering the age when they are looking around at what others have and needing to have it. Whatever "it" is! To take this time and let them find some individuality, something they really love and excel at feels right to me. "The adults in their lives believed time invested in interests was time well spent. Due to their interests, these individuals developed a strong achievement ethic and a drive to learn for mastery." Ah, finally I have permission to focus on what they are not only good at, but happy doing! Yay! And for those who are worried we won't teach them math, writing etc....2 1/2 hours of homeschooling is = 6 hours of school. One on one, just like homework.

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