Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Screen Time

One of the worst things for an anxious child is to stare at a screen. Sure they sit still and oh so quiet but have you ever noticed how they behave when they're not plugged in? We are not a screen free family and I absolutely notice a difference if they've had too much. When Oliver was younger, he would be rapid fire, unable to entertain himself, more high strung and prone to tantrums. Here's ONE BIG TIP to helping your anxious child, TURN OFF THE SCREENS! Let them be bored and find themselves. Yes, they will bug you for a while to watch a movie or play a video game but they WILL stop. Be strong, patient and sure that this is absolutely one of the healthiest decisions, besides diet, that you will make for them. Last night I was working on the computer while he played nearby and I commented that I had a headache. Oliver looked up and said, "too much screen time". I have just been called out, I thought. Now that he's older, with guidance, he can now identify triggers for his emotional behavior, one of them being too much time plugged into a screen. This will also reduce their need to become voracious consumers wanting every piece of plastic junk that just ends up in a landfill. Now you're helping the environment as well!

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