Monday, March 26, 2012

Your Child as a Beach, Integrating the Senses

I use to do this daily for both my children. It got to the point, very quickly, that Oliver knew when he needed to be wrapped up securely in a blanket and be a beach. This is very calming for everyone involved and so good for integrating the senses for these overly or not so sensitive children. I would have them lie with their arms at their sides and role them up snugly in a blanket that covered them down past their toes. Laying on their stomach, with their heads resting to the side, they would become a warm beach. Using your hands, alternate firm and soft touches making sure to get all the way to the toes and top of the head. These areas are so sensitive and often takes time for the children to be able to handle it without giggling or pulling away. Don't push it. Make up your own gentle story of the waves washing over the beach and little crabs walking along. Hot sun pressing down on the warm sand, cool waves washing away the seashells. This was our favorite!

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