Friday, March 16, 2012

The Failing Mother and The Tooth Fairy

Four nights in a row now we've forgotten the tooth fairy. "It's raining, her wings will get wet,"only works so many times. While my son took his shower this morning, my husband fished around in the bottom of my purse for change and scuttled up the ladder to Oliver's loft to shove it under his pillow. Things like this send us off into the abyss of "The Bad Mother". Just another thing I'm falling short on. I'm forgetting the tooth fairy, I can't pay for more violin practice or a Spanish tutor, I'm not doing enough on the school auction projects, not putting my heart into the committee or volunteer work that I've added to my life, I'm not exercising enough and feeling fat and, ironically, I'm not showing up enough in my business supporting MOMS! Good grief, if we only payed attention to how much we are trying to accomplish we would see how frickn' ridiculous it is! Practice saying no to more things and give yourself some credit. Moms are amazing and we just don't acknowledge that enough. Drop a ball once in a while and tell a little story about wet fairy wings. It not only gets you off the hook, but inspires creativity...right?


  1. THANK YOU!!! thank you for this post and the other 12 of yours that I have just read. Searching for guidance and comfort as I prepare to homeschool our daughters for the first time, I stumbled upon you.
    thank you.

    1. You are so very welcome! We are now a day behind due to my sisters baby's arrival this morning but I'm not at all worried. Gonna take this year in stride and try to enjoy the ride. Good luck and please share what you and your family are up to this year! Feel free to contact me through my moms support circle link. Poppy Peach