Saturday, March 3, 2012

What Inspires

What inspires your child? Sometimes, and I think often, the stuff that inspires isn't taught at a school. Freedom to just be and explore the world around you. Oliver was so excited to go to the snow with family for the weekend after a long hard week at school. In a bad mood all week, he wrapped it up with a great day on Friday knowing he would soon be taking his first snowboarding lesson! The kid loves speed, being in control of his body and spirit. Like me, he has a hard time with conformity which I think will serve him well. He knows why he's here and I just have to trust and listen to what is needed to support him. Decimals and fractions...not so much his thing and honestly I've forgotten most of what he is currently learning in math but, he can memorize lines for a play like a mad man with all the charisma of a seasoned actor. His ability to move his body has always been incredible. Yoga, bike riding, climbing etc. He has an amazing sense of humor and can articulate better than most adults. I'm going to focus on his strengths for a while. They make him happy. Happy=success

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