Friday, March 23, 2012

Tip for a Nervous Child

A hat, it's that simple. When Oliver was in kindergarten, he hated circle time. In the waldorf schools, everyday starts with this exercise of movement and song. It was like running his nails down a chalkboard to do the movements along with his peers and he would act up horribly. One morning he wore a warm hat and the teacher insisted he remove it. Oliver sobbed and sobbed, at this point it was a battle of the wills between the two. She later spoke to another teacher who told her that the hat was a buffer for him and she should allow him to keep it on. Just that extra layer over his sensitive little head made such a difference for him. I recommended this to my neighbor last night to help get her anxious boy to sleep. I said to sprinkle it with some lavender, maybe give it a special name. She called this morning well rested. It worked within minutes. Capping off that frenetic energy giving a feeling of protection in a comfortable, warm hat equals peace.

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