Tuesday, March 20, 2012

How to Simplify Your Child's Bedroom

Every few months I have to repeat the process of de-cluttering my children's bedroom. Now that they are older, I can do it with them present and they're actually helpful! When they were younger I had to wait until they visited grandma to "clean". Here are a few tips to simplify and bring calm and beauty to your space.
1) Get rid of anything broken! Unless you're that rare parent that is actually going to fix it. If it's just another plastic toy, let it go!
2) Select only a few to keep in the room and box up the rest to cycle them through later. Put the box in the garage and out of sight.
3) Bring nature inside! Children love building with real materials. Have a variety of baskets filled with rocks, nuts, acorns, seashells, pine cones, sticks etc.
4) Have a cozy corner draped in material to create a little reading or resting spot. I loved building tents in my bedroom when I was little. It's so nice for them to have a special spot to just be.
5) Make it smell good! Lavender oil creates a warm, relaxing atmosphere in the home. A few drops on their pillow is just perfect.
You'll love how soothing the space feels when you're done and so will your child.


  1. What a lovely post. I really needed that advice. Clean, bring in Nature and make it smell good. I want that for my room also!

  2. Me too Heather! My home has been one big auction project for the school and I'm ready to dust and brighten my space. Allow that Spring magic in!

  3. Thank you Poppy! I know exactly what to do with the kids' rooms now. Lavender , nature basket, cozy corner... Love it! I'll be doing this with my room too :)

  4. You are so welcome Kitty! I love the feel of nature in my home. I don't always maintain it, but I value it's presence.