Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Weeding Out

What a pretty little gardener!

Large beer radish

Skipping back home

Molly and I headed down to the main garden yesterday to spend some time in the sun and pull some of the many weeds that are taking over. Some of them are almost too pretty to pull, with little purple flowers and lush green leaves, but they must go to make room for growth. Our beets have been stifled. Such a similar feeling to my soul life right now, weeding out. I must weed out in order to make room for what must grow. I think I'll start with my internal dialogue, which is frightening. The over all feeling that "I'm not enough", is stifling me like the narrow beets, keeping me from really delving in and taking advantage of the unique life that I've chosen. How about "I am enough" and enjoying, for starters, my fun Thursday's cooking with my Molly. This brings me so much joy.

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