Wednesday, January 12, 2011

How Lucky I Am

I woke this morning to Michael coming home from biking to David and Maya's to get his car. Still dark out, you think for one that he would be sleeping and two he would avoid biking in the cold! He came into the room invigorated. Sleep certainly agrees with him after 4 years with as little as two hours a night. I love seeing him awaken to his life, excited about everything we're up to. He had even stopped at the store to pick up some things for breakfast! He's so thoughtful like that. After making me coffee and getting breakfast started, he went off to work. The kids feel the energy change and seemed so much happier. They helped each other with chores and complaints were almost nonexistent (almost). I dropped them off at school and watched in my mirrors as they walked through the gate side by side. I am grateful for my family and the friends that continue to support and inspire.

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