Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Time to Take the Tree Down

Now it's time to remove all the heavy ornaments from it's brittle branches and pack them away for next year. This part is always sad for my family, not so much for me. I'm ready to clean up and get started on the new year. It always feels so good to clear space and let in the light. The clutter of Christmas just gets to be too much and I'm ready for things to be simple again. I feel like I'm trying to get my sea legs back and I feel a little disoriented by the fast pace we've returned to. Getting to school, reading groups, exercise and just the social input and output feel a little overwhelming right now. As busy as the holidays were, there were many quiet moments too. Sometimes I crowd my mind with too many possibilities and it causes a shut down where nothing gets accomplished. Focus, steady, all is well. Nothing needs deciding today and whatever comes will be right.

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