Friday, January 21, 2011

Enjoying the Light

Peering through the fava's
Molly calls the males "gentlemen"bugs

Oliver's cuttlefish and Christmas tree on our picture wall

Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous! Unfortunately Oliver is home with pneumonia but we stepped out back to soak in some sun. Our fava's are covered in beautiful berry colored lady and gentlemen bugs munching away on the little black aphids that cover the tips of the bean plants. Michael and I (mostly Michael) cut back the grape vines that sprawl over the back of the house allowing more of the heavenly beams to stream through the windows setting off the crystal dangling from a drapery cord. Rainbows danced over our walls and bookshelf, "rainbow faeries".
The sun changes everything in the house. This morning it's there again, bright blue sky's. I threw some bird seed onto the back patio for our little doves and an eager blue jay. Another peaceful day in the Shire.

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