Monday, January 10, 2011

Football and Tea Time

Meyer Lemon Cookies The Hackett family will be enjoying the playoffs on a little TV resting in our fireplace. Our friend David got one of those box's and some rabbit ears, now we're good to go! It's so strange having a television in our little space but it's definitely been fun for all of us. I think this is the most football my husband has been able to watch in our whole marriage. Maya cooked lunch in my kitchen, my friend Vatrena popped in and the house was buzzing with the guys yelling at the game and six kids running in and out. Such fun! I haven't talked about Vatrena on here before so for those who don't know her she is one of my dearest friends and a very talented singer who was one of the Ikettes on the show Ally Mcbeal. She now lives in the country with her two boys, goats and chickens. I love having people come into my home and feel comfortable like this. Another version of family. Warm, loud, cooking, conversation constantly interrupted by parenting and a tea party Molly set up and dressed up for just had to happen so of course I baked more cookies. Oh, and someone has taken Vatrena's place with leaving dirty diapers at my home. Love you all!

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