Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Storm of the Century!

Crazy football fans with sleeping baby.
Ok, so we go to the Aggies vs. Sac State game yesterday and let's just say it won't soon be forgotten. I got there first with Oliver and Molly and it was cold and windy. It began to sprinkle just after kick-off when Michael arrived with our friends three children, one of which is only two. Everyone was bundled in layers of rain gear including myself. The two year old promptly fell asleep on Michael so we covered him in a rain coat like a little cocoon. It started to rain a little harder. Then our friend David arrived and it started to rain even harder. By half time it began to downpour but the bands kept playing as determined as ever. All of a sudden, behind the stadium, shot a huge purple vein of lightening followed by pounding thunder! Now we were getting pelted by painful hail and the kids were all screaming, accept for cocoon boy who is still sleeping. We got out of there as quickly as possible belly laughing all the way to a cozy fire. I've definitely earned some football points here.

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