Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Busy Morning and a Warm Classroom

I have a lot that I'm trying to work on right now and it feels like I'm running through molasses. Nothing feels like it's quite up to speed which leaves me feeling very frustrated. The Internet and computers are running slowly, and we ran out of printer ink and paper. Apparently trying to work on these things and still get the kids ready for school doesn't mix well. We finally got ourselves, violin, lunches, jackets and hats in the car. Wow was it cold this morning! We all took a Rescue Remedy chewy and Oliver's promptly popped out of his mouth. When he got up to look for where it had fallen, I found it stuck to his backside. I peeled it off and stuck it back in his face, we all had a good laugh. Oliver's paper star was glowing amongst his classmates in the window of his room and upon entering Molly's a calm prevails. Along the window the teacher has set a beautiful space for the children to observe every morning. A single candle glows warm and bright surrounded by red berries and pine boughs. Behind the candle, stands a menorah to celebrate Hanukkah. I take a moment, enjoy the peace it brings me. When things feel cold, I'll try to remember the light.

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