Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Magic in the Shire

Oliver carves a face in the pumpkin that will soon be a pie while Molly and her friends discover new faerie homes along the banks of the swale now full from the recent storms. She points to a little walnut boat that has settled on a stones beside the water and they all try to figure out how the faeries will move it. They move on to the swings hanging from a large walnut tree, taking turns gliding through the air, they are blissful. My counter is lined with persimmons waiting to ripen to a translucent liquid orange before being baked into cookies and breads. In celebration of the inner light we need to get through the dark days of winter, we have set out a menorah and will fold beautifully colored kite paper in the shapes of stars to put in our windows. I love vacation.

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