Thursday, November 11, 2010


"Often goes the Christ in the stranger's guise." Although I lean more towards nature based beliefs, I love this celebration of bringing light to darkness. Tonight, the kindergarten does their lantern walk at the school and they've been working hard on the lanterns they will carry. Each child bringing their own little light out into a cold, dark night. Crunching over leaves, they are apart of a collective glow. What a powerful symbol, to fill what was once a dark space with such brightness and warmth. To see that together we are a powerful force of love and light. The story of St. Martin has wonderful imagery. It's said that while passing under a bridge, Martin came upon a cold beggar. Martin took his cloak from his own back and tore it in two, sharing it with the man. The man later appeared in a dream, I believe, as Christ. What an important lesson to teach our children, to give love and light. Somehow, bring your own light to the darkness today.

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