Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Nuts and Grubs!

We had some friends over yesterday and, with five children in this small space, it's so nice when they are easily entertained. A bag of walnuts and some crackers is all you need to start the fun! The nuts are dry and ready to eat but there's one catch........some have grubs. I know, YUCK right? Well, this seems to be the funnest part. Not knowing what you're gonna get, bug or food. I'm in the kitchen roasting pumpkin while screams of joy and delight rise up to the ceiling. Some are big, others small (grubs I mean) and sometimes there's a delicious walnut. I don't think many nuts will make it into my holiday baking since each one that they find is edible, well, gets eaten. So what do you do without a television people ask. Here's one interesting project! They didn't seem to miss the glowing screen.

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