Sunday, November 14, 2010

Shhh, the Gnome is Sleeping

Cleaning up Molly's room today was quite a task. She's my little clutter bug and each corner and crevice is filled with trinkets. All very important, of course. While she's sick in bed, I am finally able to try to untangle the ball of twine. I'm almost done when I notice another corner she has set up. Over by the door, sitting on top of a little box and encircled with stones and lace, is a basket covered with a neatly folded blanket. I look over at Michael and gently lift the blanket. Inside the basket, tucked in on his side , is a little gnome she made. He's sleeping so sweetly and we both are nearly in tears. How much longer will we get to experience this wonder? Not much longer, I fear. So the sleeping gnome shall stay in his castle by her door and I get to enjoy this world a little longer.

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