Thursday, November 4, 2010

A Loss

Yesterday, our community suffered the loss of a parent. It was sudden and unexpected leaving a feeling a shock and vulnerability in it's wake. As the primary care giver, he was adored by his two young girls. I can't imagine the loss his wife must feel. Once the girls were safely in their classrooms this morning, the parents began to weep. What was so important to us moments before, now no longer on our minds. My aunt Denise showed up for gardening time and I relayed our sad news. I decided to head out with the kids to get my hands in the earth, to ground and be present. Hands in the soil, sun setting painting a neon pink sky, I feel a sense of peace. Little rows of baby onions we will watch grow as we are watching our children grow. This is a gift, not an entitlement. The sun disappears and a soft mist holds us. A flock of Canadian geese fly overhead their calls ringing like church bells for a sacred mass, reminding me how precious our time here is. I love you all.

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