Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Winter Spiral

Last night, was the winter spiral at the Davis Waldorf School. A room filled with the scent of pine that was carefully laid into a spiral for the children to walk. The only light, coming from a single candle in the center set on a stump and decorated with red berries. Each child is given an apple with a candle in the middle and while a man played quiet, reflective music on the piano, the child would take the walk alone. Everyone quietly watched as each child made there way to the solitary candle. Once in the center, they would light there own candle and choose a place along the spiral to light one of the candles that was placed along the path. Watching these children grow each year, you get a glimpse of their little spirits, as they hold the candle so carefully and the glow seeps through their fingers and lights up their faces. It's so symbolic for this time of year. We're going into the darkest days of winter and we either spiral too far inward and get depressed, or we spiral too far out with all the crazy holiday plans. Then, also there is all the darkness. Alone we bring a little light but as a community we are quite a force. What was once a dark path, now glows strong. A beautiful spiral of light.

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  1. Poppy, this is sooo beautiful. Tender, heart-felt, and a truthful look at winter. Thank goodness for the growing light starting Dec. 22! My special "candle" is a man who was born on Dec. 13 - Alan.