Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mmmm, Eggnog!

After our freezing bike ride to the co-op, I heated up some yummy organic eggnog with a little bit of cognac to make us feel cozy again. The Christmas tree is lit, candles are glowing in the fireplace, The Nutcracker record playing and a dish of cookies and brownies are on the table. Molly went outside for a while and came home with a bouquet of radishes from the big garden and arm fulls of tangerines to munch on. Oooh, are those tangerines tart! The smells of citrus oil fill the living room each time one is peeled. The sun now streams through the window on this beautiful solstice. What a nice break from the rain. Little birds are snacking on the remaining grapes and water logged persimmons. It's good to slow down in this busy week and enjoy a peaceful moment like this.

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