Monday, December 27, 2010

Mysterious Fog

Winter is here bringing with it thick tully fog that blankets the valley. Tree's look like skeletons reaching up into the soupy air. Birds look less like their flying but more suspended, as if they're caught in cotton. Now is the time of year where I always feel ready for transformation. The holiday craziness is over, things are ready to be put away to free up the space and something new will come. Spring feels like it's not so far off and the bulbs are already pushing up their green fingers. I'm ready for all that this new year is going to offer! First, though, we must clear the way so there is room to move and be moved. The grapevines need trimming, the sticky leaves must be raked and all the holiday decorations must go. We thought we avoided getting a lot of "stuff" for the kids but we still need to find room in this small space for what they received from family, who were more than generous with my children. What exciting things will this new year bring? The possibilities seem endless!

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