Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today has begun and what better way to get started than with thick slices of persimmon bread with butter and some delicious organic eggs! Oliver has lit the candles, the tree is brightly glowing but leaning a little more and Christmas music is playing. The trees are so bare and many little birds flitter and flutter from tree to tree looking for any fruit that has yet to fall. They especially like our persimmon tree. Calendula flowers have begun to open their vibrant orange and yellow petals. Green and orange are the dominating colors here. Everywhere you look there are orange fruits, flowers and that neon winter green grass we get in California. The fava beans love this cool weather and show no signs of recent frost growing taller by the day around the large artichoke. We are heading out to Winters to see our dear friends and enjoy a little Christmas cheer, maybe even get her to sing!

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