Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Winter Solstice

Last night I enjoyed the beautiful ancient tradition of singing back the light to celebrate the winter solstice. The scent of sandalwood lead us up the path to the home of our resident herbalist. Delicious herb concoctions, like elderberry cordial, cilantro pesto and dates with nasturtium leaves on brie, were a feast for the senses. The counter was lined with a variety of oils made by our host. After enjoying the spread, instruments were passed around. Several guitars were played to accompany our host, in her flowy black gown, on her piano. A mix of Christmas and pagan songs all sung with such spirit. The darkest day is over and now the light returns to warm the earth. What a beautiful symbol to choose the date for Christ to be born. The light of god arrives at the darkest time for man. Whatever your beliefs are, the story is truly a beautiful one. Mankind could use a little more light right now. Happy Solstice to all! You can find our hosts book on My Wish List Store! Kami Mcbride

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