Tuesday, December 28, 2010


A chicken has been stewing all night into rich stock for soup and the house smells heavenly. We have so much bok choy in our garden so I think I'll put some in the soup for dinner. What goes best with homemade chicken soup? Home made bread with butter! I'll bike to the co-op with the kids and then we'll bake some whole wheat bread together. Also, I want to take some pictures of the garden today, there were some beautiful magenta flowers on the fava plants the other day. Oliver and Molly seem to be enjoying the break. They've been taking their time waking up and enjoying the Shire on roller blades and bikes. A few bumps and bruises, tears and arnica. I think they've learned to be more careful but then Molly rides by the window, leg over the handle bars of her scooter. Oh well, she has a helmet on.

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