Thursday, August 18, 2011

Signs of the End of Summer

Leaves on my grape vines are starting to crisp and the late harvest fruits are ripening. Figs, grapes and late harvest peaches are nearly ready while the pomegranates hang heavier from our tree everyday. I love the approach of fall. It calls you back in and beckons you to harvest and store. I hope to have enough green tomatoes for my mincemeat this year, it was so delicious! The sunflowers have taken over a good portion of my garden, which now looks like a forest of yellow. The bees inundate the flowering mint and we're careful not to disturb them as we brush by. My cousin Kiersen is joining me for more bean picking today. Picnic in the garden? Sounds beautiful. I'll make some herbal sun tea to refresh us. Recipe: 1 bunch of mint, lemon verbena, small handful of lavender, and lemon balm. Cover and let steep, absorbing the suns vibrant energy throughout the hot day. Pour over ice and add stevia if you want a little sweet!

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