Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our Secret Garden

One thing we are lacking in the Shire is privacy. Every once in a while, one just craves sacred space to sit quietly without having to feel available. I'm working on establishing some more clear boundaries to start off the school year. I love being able to close my curtains and have a calm ending to the day, to watch the kids read or read to them, brush Molly's hair and braid it for her, pick out clothes for the next day. We are getting in our rhythm for the dwindling light. We have a small courtyard that we have yet to use because it once belonged to our large lab. Molly took a chair out there yesterday to read and it made me realize how nice it would be to put some love into a little secret garden. When we aren't feeling social, we can retreat to it's little walls filled with succulents, beautiful rocks and pink bougainvillea. Molly and I worked all morning on this space and it already feels so welcoming. Now she wants a fountain! Maybe we'll build one.

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