Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sweet Image

My cousin Kiersen studies abroad and has been visiting home for the summer. She's turned into an amazing young woman. I just love her. Molly so looks up to her. Everytime there's a family get together, when someone leaves, everyone else chases them on foot down the street. Waving and honking horns as if it's going to be so long until we see eachother again. Because we all live so close now, that's usually with in the week. We said goodbye to Kiersen last night and she held Molly in a tight embrace, tears. We loaded into the car and as we were pulling away two figures flew out the front door as if they were kids again. Chasing us down the street, Kiersen and her brother Ed raced eachother to the corner. All of us calling out the window, "we love you Kiersen". Have a safe trip sweetie and come back soon.

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