Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Fruit on the Vine

Back from a two week trip to the east coast and our garden has gone crazy! Molly and I picked a huge basket of beautiful tomatoes, basil, peppers and a single eggplant. Our cantaloupe are the size of a baby's head, so exciting. For dinner, I chopped up the tomatoes with basil, salt and pepper and spooned it on to a slices of baguette toasted in butter and rubbed with garlic. Perfect! Today, I'll be going out to the big garden to harvest beans to steam and toss in pesto. It's so good to be home and to be surrounded by such abundance. School will be starting soon and I'll welcome the balanced rhythm. Summer draws me so far away from my center and the fall brings me back in with it's waning light, bike rides to school, lunch packing and quiet dinners. I am ready.

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