Saturday, February 12, 2011

Warm Sun

The air is still and warm but still a little cool in the shade. Every sound seems to stand on its own, the slight tinkling of a wind chime, a child's voice, birds in chorus. Valentine's Day is almost here and while Oliver was taking a theatre class Molly and I inspected the truffles at the local chocolatier. Lips, roses and hearts filled with champagne or raspberry. Molly even found a chocolate "cd". Now they're opening cards from grandparents which all arrived on the same day! Candies and cash, what could be better? Oh yes, read the cards kids. Oliver had his first big role as Thor in his class play last night and did so well! He's really into the acting thing hence the lesson today. I feel so dreamy, maybe I'll just nap on the couch instead of tackling the dishes and laundry.

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