Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Taking a Day

We decided to keep the kids home on Monday and spend some time in Monterrey. The storm clouds moved over the ocean thick and purple. Sunlight streamed through perforations setting the wild mustard flowers into a frenzy. Bright yellow blossoms stretched towards the violent skies with such vigor and were blown into a dance. My brother gave us the grand tour of the new restaurant he's working on opening hopefully in March. A beautiful old adobe in central Monterrey thick with dark history. The floors rise and fall in different directions, old wood, thick walls, antiques at every turn and a large picture of Mr. Stokes himself greets you at the top of a wide staircase along with a "Dr" bag. Many people had the misfortune of be a patient of Dr. James Stokes and lost their lives. After our fun tour my brother hooked us up with some membership passes to the Monterrey Bay Aquarium! What fun! You could spend all day just staring at the alien creatures from the depths of the sea. Glowing jellyfish, seahorses that look like kelp, sharks and my favorite, petting the bat rays. I can't wait until the restaurant opens so we can spend more time down there and taste some yummy food!

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