Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Dr Susan R Johnson

Last night I had the privelidge of hearing Dr Susan R Johnson speak at the waldorf school. She has such a wealth of information to offer to parents trying to cope with the fast paced lives of both ourselves and our children. She encouraged us to slow down and really be present, acknowledging how difficult that is to do. It's easy to say "I have been present" with my child today, but can you go through your day backwards in your mind and really recount the events or are there pieces missing? If you are missing chunks of time, those are the moments that you were not present. I must admit I have not been at all present. I stare at this computer screen way too often and have come to the conclusion that I need more structured time around it. I don't want my children's memories of me to include the glow of my blog page. So from now on I will only check my computer after drop-off for an hour and once before bed after the children are in tucked in. This is going to be hard, I am clearly addicted! Wish me luck in being present!

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