Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's Cooking Day!

We are going to make individual whole wheat pizza's with roasted broccoli from our garden, if the kids will eat the broccoli. My kids love it on pizza, so we'll see who is brave. The sun is shinning, the birds are chirping and I pushed myself through a short version of a yoga workout. I was pouring myself a cup of tea the other day into my peach coffee cup and it occurred to me how many things in my house have peaches on them, including my lower back. I come from a strong line of Peach women, that really is my maiden name, and they almost all have the peach emblazoned on their skin. I was initiated on my 30th birthday after a Ya-Ya sisterhood type weekend and boy did it hurt. It feels so incredibly powerful to be apart of this circle. "The Peach Cottage" was the name of my families restaurant in Boulder Creek, CA. I grew up there, literally. We lived in a small portion of the building accessed by the back deck. A little scary as a small child during the night. If you needed mom or dad, they could be found in a busy kitchen amongst slamming pots and pans, a few expletives flying through the air, but first you had to go outside in the dark and make your way through the crowded diners. It was different but makes for some fun stories. I think I'll tell the stories a little every day. Don't worry mom, no bad stuff! :)

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