Sunday, October 31, 2010

Weekend Festivities

Why no pesticides? Because then you can find cool creatures like this in your garden!

Oliver as a hunch back and Molly as skeleton last night at the festival

Penelope, Serafina and Molly decorate Halloween cookies. The goulash is bubbling and another pie sits upon the table. On the altar we have a gin and tonic for grandma and grandpa, some hard candies for my gran and Michael's grandfather, some sweet smelling rose petals strewn about and some mini pumpkins Oliver carved little faces into to light up the sacred space. The children have had a fun weekend thus far carving out many pumpkins and eating many sweets. I'm going as a witch and so is Molly while Oliver has chosen the skeleton for tonight's pumpkin lit walk through the Shire. It's so magical, even as an adult to walk these paths at night. All the trees, fallen leaves and crisp air. The smell of pumpkins lit by candles and knocking on the doors of friends, family and neighbors in the anticipation of yummy treats. Costumes can be so creative, especially the Little ones on their first trick-or-treat outing. Happy Samhain/Halloween to all!

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