Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Grateful for Spilled Coffee

I call Tuesday's "glam-up day". It's the one day during the week, theoretically speaking, that I can put on a little make-up and put aside the sweat pants. Oliver has violin lessons at school on this day so it just feels like too much to bike with, giving me a little more time in the morning to feel like a woman! Now I'm sitting here outside the co-op in my lovely attire, leather jacket and all, with coffee dribbled down the front of my beige wool turtleneck. Ordinarily this would really push me to the brink. The one day I get to clean up and now it's ruined, I shouldn't even try, I give up kind of attitude tends to prevail leaving me feeling defeated. However, I find myself not bothered. I really feel a sense of calm and satisfaction with my life that I don't believe I've ever had. I have everything I need and more. We're aspiring to live by our values and I'm grateful for all the amazing little moments that make up my day. I'm grateful that I have a son, that at age 10, still likes to "camp out" in my room once in a while just to be close to me and my husband. I'm grateful to be able to make french toast with honey, butter and snow(powdered sugar)for breakfast this morning , for how happy they are to go to school and the amazing teacher and community that are there to greet them. I watch as they enter the classrooms with a smile, a handshake and welcome from their teachers. I'm grateful that I have this wonderful partner who shares the same visions and who loves his family more than words can express. I'm grateful for our small home in this incredible "village" and all the family that surrounds us. I'm grateful for all the friends that continually inspire and support me. It really is contagious once you start to focus on gratitude how many things reveal themselves. And now I can add to the list my spilled coffee for showing me how far I've come.

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