Sunday, October 10, 2010

Drama, Gardening, and Stargazing

Molly and Oliver had the privilege of helping our friends Jeff and Lyndsay ready their actors for the Cool Davis Festival today. Jeff and Lyndsay have this great interactive business they started that educates children on the environment. It was so exciting walking into the theatre to see my kids on a stage in lights! Maybe drama should be included in our list of things I would like to provide for them. While they were "acting" Michael and I worked in the garden under the "instruction" of our neighbor Jillith (Jill). She did actually end up putting her hands in the dirt and the comic relief was well appreciated. The end result is rows of little green plants and lots of straw to keep the weeds at bay. We have planted a lot of chard, bok choy, cabbage and some brussel sprouts. Another thing I'm grateful for, my kids love greens. After the garden was done we headed out to Stebbins Cold Creek Canyon at the base of Lake Berryessa for our stargazing hike! There were probably about 40 people at this hike which is free with a suggested donation of only 10 dollars per family. We hiked about a mile up into the hills, laid our blankets in a dry meadow of wild oats and snacked on warm squash bread that Jill had just baked and our homemade pear juice. As the sun was setting, our guide told mythological stories about the constellations and soon we were staring into the Milky Way. What a beautiful night! The guide used her laser pointer to touch the stars naming the important ones for us. Molly and Oliver loved some of the funny names. Listening to the crickets Oliver fell asleep under Molly's legs and Michael began to drift. By about 9 we were hiking by flashlights back down the canyon occasionally gazing up at the great display from so far away.

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