Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A Chilly Bike Ride

I found these pictures today of my grandparents with Oliver and Molly. I'm really missing them.

I love riding bikes to school with Oliver and Molly. The chilly air, our tires crunching over the fallen leaves and nuts, the sweet smell of fermenting figs and all those beautiful colors growing brighter and deeper by the day. This morning was so brisk that even the sunlight coming through the clouds spoke of colder weather to come. Lately I've been standing outside the kindergarten yard to watch and listen to circle time. It brings back magical memories of preschool with my own children. Such a calm, warm transition for the wee ones to say goodbye to their parents for the day. For those with little ones still, who may choose to home school, here is the circle song to be done with movement and finger play.

In soft morning light
The stars fade away
The birds sing away
This is our new day
Shine like the sun
Bring light
And love
To everyone
Good morning dear earth
Good morning dear sun
Good morning dear stones
And the flowers everyone
Good morning dear beasts
And the birds in the trees
Good morning to you
And good morning to me
Have and beautiful and grateful day! :)

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