Thursday, October 14, 2010

A Visit from my Sister

My sister, Addie, came for an overnight visit! The kids were so excited to have her here. They love having Auntie Addie nearby to pop in like this. They had dinner together in our ghostly decorated house and Addie braided Molly's hair for her, before bed. This morning, I baked cinnamon popovers with butter and honey then we were all off to school on our bikes. It felt so good to watch Addie ride ahead next to Oliver, chatting all the way. After dropping off the kids, we headed to ciocolat for a coffee and shared a breakfast. We had a great time talking and watching the UC traffic (bikes) go by. So wonderful to start building a relationship with my little sister. She is amazing. We had great laughs about her terribly uncomfortable bike seat the whole way home!

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