Saturday, September 29, 2012

Time is Flying, and Yes, I'm Having Fun!

Another week has flown by. Everything has fallen into place so beautifully. Science and renaissance art class taught by a Waldorf teacher on Monday, a Michaelmas celebration by the river with our new friends on Wednesday and another one on Friday at the Davis school followed by play practice and we're looking forward to the Vintage Festival in Sonoma tomorrow for the grape stomp! Boredom, not part of the picture in our new homeschooling world. We've begun studying ancient Persia and talked about Socrates and Homer. Oliver picked up the Illiad at the library the other day since he's so fascinated with the Trojan war. Molly drew a picture of the Buddha and wrote the eight fold path in her main lesson book. In trade for using our laundry room, Oliver's teacher from the last three years has offered some tutoring...perfect. Next week, they start martial arts twice a week and finish preparing for the play they'll be performing October 13th at the farmers market. Oliver's the rapping tree and Molly's a carbon dioxide. Not stressed, time is ours, we decide and all is well. Everything I hoped and more.

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