Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Letting it Come

Anyone can memorize facts but what about feeling? With our trip up the coast I've watched as the children experienced the beauty of their surroundings. Oliver ran like Peter Pan through Fern Canyon, Molly took over 130 pictures, most of them fungi. They've journaled, they've laughed, they've read and wondered. We had quiet reading in front of the fire and I've read Frances Mayes in bed with Molly. Right now, I can see them running around the beach that sits at the base of this bluff I'm perched upon, I can hear their laughter carried by the wind and waves. It drifts over the pampas grass and finds my heart. It's a school. Their hands can touch what inspires and their hearts are lifted. This is learning. Now we are home but I feel the door has been officially opened. With that trip, I feel so inspired. Education can take place anywhere and in every moment. Today, we will look through some writing they did and pull some vocabulary that they had trouble with. We'll revisit math, play practice at 3 and hit the library. They got a glimpse of what natural learning feels like and they can take advantage of the library with their minds full of those images.
The back yard

Molly in Fern Canyon

The University's Mascot!

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