Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's Not a Race

So, I plan the day and then let it fall where it may. I used to feel the pressure to complete everything I thought we could accomplish and it often would lead to meltdowns on either my part or the kids. Now I use my plan as a general guideline, letting the mood and interest dictate what we finish. Some ideas get scrapped entirely and other's are born. Rather than crossing off a list, we can take detours when inspiration strikes. Today's detour included the poisoning of Socrates and the familiar plant that was used. Oliver finished his main lesson book entry on the Trojan War and Molly battled through her inability to perfect her lotus flower for Brahma. We practiced the use of verbs and helper verbs, touched in on long division, multiplication, word problems, decimals and percents. I read to them about Greek history and the Buddha's eightfold path to enlightenment. They practiced vocabulary from their journal entries about their trip to Fern Canyon. Now they're playing chess. You know how long this all took? About two hours, no kidding. It's amazing how much you can get done at home and it really can be fun!

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