Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A Kind of Calm

Today was the first time where I actually questioned if I'd done enough. After an early doctors appointment, my energy wasn't as up as it has been for school. I found myself trying to make up for the lack of energy by, of course, doing MORE. Crazy, but that's how it went today. I could go down the list of things we did but I feel like that's just me trying to prove I'm worthy to whoever ends up reading this which means I really haven't accepted that I did enough. OK, I did enough! Now I can let it go knowing I've done my best. Molly's at her singing class, Oliver's playing football with his friends and I'm enjoying the change of light that's filtering through the drying grape leaves...just relaxing. Tomorrow is a new day with fresh possibility and to know that there will be days that won't be so inspiring, they'll just be. To just be, it is good.

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