Sunday, October 21, 2012

Here Comes the Rain

The clouds have blanketed the Shire keeping it cool today. The house is cozy; filled with candlelight and the smell of apple crisp baking. I set up our alter for those that have passed on top of the piano which is always and emotional experience. Touching each item to carefully place them and remembering a voice, a smell. We are having family dinner night and everyone is bringing a dish to share. We've missed this tradition and have decided to get it going again. The kids especially love the rhythm  of gathering around the table with as many family members that can make it and sharing a meal and stories. You get so disconnected so quickly. Busy with our own lives, we forget to show up for one another. In my little house, we crowd together which makes the laughter that much more contagious, and we remember just how lucky we are. It may not be perfect, in fact it's quite messy at times, but we are family and that is just the best.

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